Industry highlights week 11 – 15 April 2022

The automotive field has gone through massive shifts over the last decade. From the development and adoption of electric vehicles to greater focus on mobility as a service, the industry is still shifting. Many designers from around the globe are working hard in reshaping the industry further, but most do not have a platform to be heard. See the article here.

Planning exemptions to install solar panels on the roofs of farm buildings are expected by the end of June, according to a Green Party TD. The derogation also means that planning permission would no longer be required for larger installations of solar panels on residential rooftops; schools; community centres; and some commercial buildings. See the article here.

The lower running costs of an electric vehicle are one of the biggest attractions for motorists beset by rising fuel prices. Indeed, Carzone’s research showed that 51 per cent of Irish motorists are now considering switching to an electric car precisely because of rising fuel costs, despite never having considered making the switch before. See the article here.

Borne from a goal to build an electric car that consumes less than 10 kilowatt-hours of energy per 100 kilometres (6.2 miles per 100 kWh), the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX concept debuted in January with a claimed range of 621 miles (or 1,000 kilometers) per charge. See the article here.

All-electric Chrysler airflow concept integrates leading-edge drive-system technology with intuitive AI and connected-vehicle technology that delivers up to 400-mile range and fast-charging functionality.  See the article here.

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Weekly Highlights

Industry highlights week 11 – 15 December 2023

Alfa Romeo has confirmed that its next new model – a compact crossover which will be available as a fully-electric car – will be called the Milano. That reverses months of speculation that the car would be called the Brennero.

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Weekly Highlights

Industry highlights week 04 – 08 December 2023

Henderson Group and bp pulse have signed a partnership agreement to install ultra-rapid changing for up to 200 electric vehicles (EVs) at around 100 Henderson Retail sites across Northern Ireland within the next two years.

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