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        Understanding the threat posed by nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC-Risk) threats is critical to national security and emergency preparedness. These hazards pose significant risks due to the potential for mass casualties, widespread destruction, and long-lasting environmental impacts.

        Nuclear hazards include nuclear weapons, reactor accidents, and radiological dispersion devices, which can cause catastrophic explosions, radiation exposure, and contamination.

        Biological hazards arise from the intentional release of harmful bacteria, viruses or toxins, leading to widespread illness, death and social disruption.

        Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Accidents and Attacks can harm you and your surrounding area, so find out how much Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Accidents and Attacks there are in your area via ZIP Code.

        Chemical threats include the intentional or accidental release of toxic chemicals, such as nerve agents or industrial chemicals, that can cause serious injuries, respiratory problems, and environmental contamination.

        Effective preparedness and response to NBC hazards requires coordination among government agencies, healthcare systems, emergency responders, and the public to minimize impacts and save lives in the event of an NBC incident.

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