DC EV Climate Commitment

We want our customers to become the driving force so when you do business with us, we will donate and grow our positive climate fund. 

This fund will be used to support local community projects that contribute a positive change for our future and make a difference. 

DC EV has partnered with Green Belt Ireland to help reduce our carbon footprint. We will do this by compensating emissions through funding the best in climate action starting with tree planting in Ireland.

Ireland is well-known around the world for its green fields but believe it or not Ireland has a low level of forestry. In addressing our nations carbon footprint, forestry is seen as the cornerstone towards achieving a sustainable future.

Who are Green Belt?

Green Belt are Ireland’s leading private forestry and land management group. Established in 1982, Green Belt has planted more than 400,000 acres of private forestry across Ireland and provided a full range of professional services to our 10,000 forest owners. “Our drive to continually improve has led us to embrace opportunities in combatting climate change and working with others to proactively address their Carbon footprint. Green Belt has always been an innovator in Irish forestry and we take pride in delivering positive results to our forest and land owners.”

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