About Us

About Us


At DC-EV we want to empower anyone to embrace a fully electric life. Our journey began in Dublin, Ireland in 2007 when we founded Dreamcars, now a global network that spans Canada, Asia, Europe, UAE and Africa, sourcing luxury cars for discerning buyers. 

In 2015 we instigated the electric car revolution, introducing brands like Tesla to the Irish market and registering the first ever Tesla Model 3 in Ireland. 

Since then the electric revolution has only accelerated, and in 2020 we created DC-EV to help homeowners and businesses navigate their own electric journey, one that goes far beyond what we drive.

Our unique approach provides a one-stop solution to create a fully integrated electric ecosystem that connects every element, from charging points to solar panels, renewal energy storage to smart technologies. 

The road ahead is electric. Start your journey with us today.


  • Reduced toll fees for BEVs
  • Lowest rate of Vehicle Registration Tax (7%)
  • €5000 VRT relief for BEVs
  • Low annual road tax
  • 0% BIK tax for the first € 50,000 of vehicle’s new value
  • Lowest annual road tax of € 120
  • Accelerated Capital Allowance Scheme

We can also offer a range of electric vehicle charge stations. We can advise on a range of unique smart features that can be implemented for electric car charging points for running fleets.

Example: Connecting a smart charger at the home of a Salesperson but plugging into the billing system of the business. Similar to the workings of a petrol card.



We want our customers to become the driving force so when you do business with us, we will donate and grow our positive climate fund. 

This fund will be used to support local community projects that contribute a positive change for our future and make a difference. 

DC EV have partnered with Green Belt Ireland to help reduce our carbon footprint. We will do this by compensating emissions through funding the best in climate action starting with tree planting in Ireland.

Ireland is renowned around the world for its green fields but believe it or not Ireland has a low level of forestry. In addressing our nations carbon footprint, forestry is seen as the cornerstone towards achieving a sustainable future




Paul Clifford

My name is Paul Clifford and I am from Dublin, Ireland. I'm a Co-Founder of DC Motor Co/ DC Global - DC EV. Growing up I have always been excited by cars and fascinated by how they work and their design. My career to date, spanning over 30 years, has been driven by my passion to create. This has led me to industries such as in music, film animation, production and I even had a spell as a Radio DJ. Later on I also worked in elecommunications and ultimately made my way back to my passion for automotives by co-founding a car company with a unique view on how we do business.

As a director, my role benefits enormously from my experience in these diverse industries. It allowed me to develop the DC culture of putting the customer at the front and centre of how we built our business. I have been involved in major motor events and festivals over the last 15 years, working with well-known companies and TV productions such as Top Gear, Channel 4, Discovery Channel and other events. In my time building DC Motor Co, by supplying and sourcing cars, I have made solid lasting partnerships globally in places such as the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE and UK.

I always strive to be a disruptor in my field. So naturally with this trait I began to look at the being at the forefront with the future of automotive and take the step into electric cars in 2015. DC now has built a reputation for EV’s and having the knowledge to deliver the right options for the customer. DCEV is now a complete world of E-Mobility for our future and taking the next step in the Electric World. Changing the world one car at a time!

Adrian Slattery

Having worked in Telecoms from 2000 selling from phone cards and different related products one day I realised I wanted to work for myself! It was 2006 and I was working for Eircom (Irelands biggest telco company at the time) for about 1.5 years when I said ENOUGH---I wanted my own gig! I had known Paul for years and who was also at a crossroads so we hatched a plan. We both loved cars so that was it. I wanted to get some experience in the trade so I went for a job in a car main dealer. Funny this---they were suspicious as to why I was taking such a large pay cut, so they declined the position. My response was "your grand I’ll do it myself, thanks for your time!". About a year of research and finding our angle ‘dreamcars.ie' was born.

Our goal to source cars for clients, the spec they actually want and to treat them better than anyone else ever! In 2013 after the world fell apart (2008-2012) we held on with our fingernails focussed on our goals and hopped on a plan to the UAE (to knock on doors literally). We were still selling from DCHQ Dublin but we wanted to expand. We still do some business in Dubai and we love it out there and have some great friends and clients. 2016 saw our entrance into the emerging EV market after importing some Tesla cars for clients. Mind blowing as the Tesla was it started to form another plan for the future.

This was effectively the DCEV evolution. Albeit a slow transformation we became the go to for EVs (mainly Tesla as they were the only show in town). Since then we’ve sold a lot of EV’s across the board and gained invaluable knowledge for our present and future clients. 2020 has bought us into the world of E-Mobility as a whole, solar and renewable energy. We are working with the biggest names in the market to provide and all-inclusive package among a number of new products for clients. We are helping companies transition their fleet into EV’s. This is very rewarding. 2021 and beyond sees the launch of the all new DCEV website, a fully EV dedicated website where you can buy a car, sell a car, buy private or busines solar, renewable energy, home chargers, up-to-date independent car reviews whist also joining the ever growing DCEV community.

The future is very bright and we want to bring everybody with us on our journey---with community at centre stage. I’ll write another bio in 10 years!